Severe Weather Possible Today in Wisconsin and Iowa

Hey Everyone,

Today’s forecast for the Upper Midwest could become stormy. If the cloud shield over Iowa and Wisconsin breaks up and the atmosphere is able to destabilize this afternoon, a line of severe storms would likely form along the advancing cold front. Damaging Winds and Large Hail look to be the primary threat, but if a few discrete storms can develop some rotation early this afternoon, a few tornadoes are possible in Wisconsin. Be on the lookout this afternoon if you live in the Upper Midwest. If a warning is issued for your area, be prepared to take action.

Following the passage of this front, temperatures will plummet by as much as 20 F with highs dropping into the 40s for much of the region by Thursday. The weekend looks to be cold and rainy as this front makes its way further south and east. I will have more details on the weekend forecast for later tonight.

Stay Tuned.

If you would like to see more scientific analysis on the severe weather forecast for today, take a look at the Storm Prediction Center’s (SPC) Day 1 Convective Outlook.


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