Incredible hourly temperature drops throughout the Midwest

Good Evening,

What a difference a day makes! Or for that matter, an hour. After experiencing temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, early this week, temperatures have taken a nosedive following the passage a powerful cold front. Some extreme examples of 1 Hour temperature drops include the Quad Cities area, with multiple places experiencing a drop of over 20 F! Temperatures in Chicago plummeted from 75F to 57F in only 1 hour this evening. A few places even saw snow, as the atmosphere rapidly cooled, conditions were just right for light snow to form in much of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minneapolis saw its first snow of the season, although little to no accumulation was seen.

Expect this powerful fall cold front to continue pushing off to the east and bring with it a much colder continental polar air mass to replace the much warmer air mass out ahead of it.

With a final look at those temperature drops, take a look at the 3 Hour Temperature Changes observed by the National Weather Service over the Midwest this evening. Incredible that some places have seen drops of over 20F. Image

Tomorrow’s blog will focus on the impact that Hurricane Sandy could have on the East Coast this weekend. Until next time.

Meteorologist Mack


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