Hurricane Sandy: Part II

The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center has this to say about the impacts that Hurricane Sandy poses to the Eastern Seaboard. “Sandy is expected to bring life-threatening storm surge to the Long Island Sound and the Island of Manhattan…Hurricane force winds and coastal flooding is imminent.” Make no mistake, this storm is being hyped quite a bit by the media, but the National Hurricane Center is serious on this situation as well, so taking the necessary actions and precautions is very important. Now is the time to make a decision. If you live in a low-lying coastal area that is prone to storm surge and flooding, You must move to higher ground if you are in these areas.

Without a doubt, Hurricane Sandy is a powerful storm that will certainly pose a threat to life and property. The most important thing here is to stay calm and get prepared for this storm. Landfall is expected late on Monday night and the track of this storm is beginning to narrow in on southern New Jersey/northern Delaware. The wind field of Sandy is very large, so as I mentioned in Part I, the location of landfall is important, but given the size of this storm, impacts will be widespread and felt through the entire upcoming week.

The maximum winds are at 75mph and the storm surge is expected to be up to 10 feet over parts of Long Island Sound and New York Harbor. With Sandy likely making landfall over southern New jersey, that would force the highest surge and waters into New York Harbor. That being said, flooding is likely in Manhattan and low lying areas.

If you are riding this storm out and many people will be, please be prepared for this storm and have a plan. I will have more updates and details as they develop over the next 24 hours. Keep an eye out for more posts on Hurricane Sandy.

Until next time.

Meteorologist Mack

  1. Candy Morris said:

    Mackenzie, they have taken precautions in NYC and closed all mass transit, effective at 7pm on Sunday evening! I hope Dad and Mallory are okay.

    • It’s very bad. Getting back to normal will take some time.

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