Possible Nor’easter Midweek: Rain or Snow?

Hello Everyone,

What a roller coaster ride the past 10 days has been, with the incredible temperature swings seen in the central US, followed by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy wreaking havoc on the Northeastern United States earlier this week. Unfortunately, the changing of seasons, from late Fall to early Winter, is often accompanied by large pattern changes and temperature swings. With that, the Northeastern United States will likely see a coastal storm develop Tuesday and then parallel the coast as it moves north and east Wednesday and Thursday. Obviously, the people of the Mid-Atlantic states should be prepared for another strong storm, however, it will be nothing compared to the devastation that Superstorm Sandy brought to the region this week.

Now, one of the main questions here will be whether or not this system will produce a heavy snowstorm inland or if it will be a purely rain event. Nevertheless, strong winds (up to 40mph) and coastal flooding is a serious concern in the wake of Sandy. With the unimaginable damage, flooding, and loss of life seen in the Northeast, the cleanup and rebuilding might need to be put on hold. I will continue to bring updates on this developing situation over the next couple of days as the exact track of this storm is still uncertain, and we will know more about the track as it gets closer.

With regard to the possibility of a large storm developing over the western Great Plains and moving into the Upper Midwest late next week, I believe this could be the first major snowstorm of the year for the Plains, so stay tuned for updates on that later this week, as the forecast becomes more clear with time.

Until tomorrow,

Meteorologist Mack

(P.S. If you haven’t thought about it already, please consider donating blood, or donating food or relief money to the disaster relief in the Northeast. Every little bit counts.)


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