Ongoing Nor’easter

Hey everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything new yesterday. I got caught up in the Presidential Election. For starters, I may not always agree with every stance our president takes, I will support Mr. Obama in his next four years as our President. This is a great country and freedom should never be taken for granted.

Now, I will briefly touch on the Nor’easter that is ongoing as I write. I want to start out with a little graphic that the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) uses to indicate where heavy snow is most likely. They call this graphic a Mesoscale Discussion (MD), which is a meteorological phenomenon between 10 and 1000 Kilometers in horizontal extent. This particular MD is for Heavy Snows of up to 1″/hour in the Philadelphia to Newark areas. Often times, mesoscale events cannot be forecasted beyond 24 hours, and these events typically last for a few hours. Another example of a mesoscale type of event would be a Supercell Thunderstorm > 10km in Horizontal extent. Well, now I am rambling, so for more information, if you are interested, take a look at this link:


The area above within the pink bubble, is the area of interest. Interestingly, the National Weather Service in Philadelphia opted to issue a Winter Storm Warning (WSW) for much of New Jersey and parts of extreme eastern Pennsylvania, despite the very low snowfall totals expected. Only 2″-5″ is not usually used for a WSW, but in this case, early in the year and with all of the people who have been left without a home and without power or shelter. Without a doubt, a bit more snowfall than I originally thought would be seen with this storm, but not entirely out of the question.

I’ll leave you with a picture that my Dad snapped in Mid-town Manhattan last Tuesday morning. Ill tell you the story of how that car got to where it is and more later tonight. Stay tuned!


Until next time.

Meteorologist Mack


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