Unseasonable Warmth to Return

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted much over the past week. What with the holiday and all the job applications I have been filling out, I haven’t had much time. However, I have decided to write even a very short post at the least every day from now on.

Now, onto the weather. You’ll be glad to hear that for the remainder of the week and into the weekend, unseasonably warm weather will return to the central and eastern parts of the country as a Zonal (West to East) Pattern sets up. This means that a mild, Pacific airmass will make it’s way east and remain situated east of the Rockies until early next week. Temperatures in places such as Minnesota and Indiana may push into the 60s, well above average for this time of year as we enter December. However, as always, the warm weather won’t last as another cold front moves through the central and eastern US early next week. There is the possibility of a rather large storm developing in the Panhandle of Texas and moving northeast into the Upper Midwest about 1 week out, but as always, it is is difficult to put much faith in such a long range forecast. Nevertheless, the model runs have been consistent over the last few days in developing a storm over the central part of the country. Stay tuned for more updates about this system as the weekend comes around.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more details on the warm weather for the weekend.

Until then,

Meteorologist Mack


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